• Artifacts from the Inferno, Baltimore Clayworks

    Artifacts from the Inferno:
    Contemporary Wood-fired Ceramics
    Juried by Jack Troy
    October 5- November 9, 2013

    Congratulations to the Artifacts form the Inferno artists chosen by Jack Troy! We had an overwhelming response to this show with nearly 100 artists accepted. It was wonderful to see the range of wood-fired surfaces and its expansive growth as a ceramic process. It was encouraging to see many familiar artists in the mix and exciting to be introduced to folks new to Baltimore Clayworks.

    Accepted Artists: Hadi Abbas (FL), Elka Adamowcz (MD), Tom Alward (AZ), Donna Anderson (MD), William Baker (NC), Stephanie Basralian (MD), Susan Bayne (MD), John Benn (WA), Robert Boryk (IL), Kurt Brantner (PA), Joy Bridy (WV), Joel Brown (NY), Winifred Chao (VA), Ray Chen (IN), Carolanne Currier (MD), Israel Davis (MI), Cynthia Deitch (DC), Chris Drobnock (PA), Jim Dugan (MD), Brice Dyer (FL), Keith Ekstam (MO), David Epstein (MD), Linda Epstein (MD), Kate Fisher (MN), Fred Follansbee (IL), Matthew Gaddie (KY), Colleen Gallagher (WA), Denny Gerwon (NC), Anthony Maki Gill (CA), Kim Glidden (CO), Bianka Groves (MD), Perry Haas (MT), Caroline Henderson (PA), Fred Herbst (NY), Christine Hernandez (MD), Steve Heywood (FL), Robin Hominiuk (WA), Patrick Houston (TN), Mitch Iburg (VA), Lucien Koonce (MA), Heidi Kreitchet (CA), Shasta Krueger (UT), Joshua Kuensting (UT), Justin Lambert (FL), Lames Lard (PA), John Larson (MN), Amy Joy Lefever (PA), Brenda Llewellyn (VA), Liz Lockett (MD), Matthew MacIntire (MD), Michelle Matthews (TX), Marshall Maude (KS), Lynne McCarthy (NM), Brad McLemore (OR), Hannah Meredith (NM), Didem Oya Mert (OH), Dan Molyneux (MA), Tony Moore (NY), Ted Neal (IN), Sarah Newberry (NM), Nate Nixdorf (pa), Shawn O’Connor (ME), Douglas Peck (NM), Cathy Polak (MD), Mike Poness (MD), Aubrey Purdy Rude (IA), Patrick Rademaker (KY), Mike Rand (CO), John Reinking (NJ), Janelle Roginski (NY), Mat Rude (IA), Matt Shiemann (FL), Luke Sheets (OH), Joanne Shulman (NY), Jeremy Sims (PA), Marsha Slater (VA), Gary Slavinsky (MD), Andrew Snyder (MD), Benjamin Steffl-Thompson (OH), Brinsley Tyrrell (OH), Benjamin Upchurch (IA), David Voorhees (NC), Marjorie Wade (MN), Jeremy Wallace (FL), Bill Wilkey (MO), Scott Williamson (VA), Deb Williamson (VA), Matt Wilt (NY), Matthew Wren (PA), Tony Wright (AL), Meredith York (GA), Adam Yungbluth (FL)

  • Midwest Connections - Contemporary Ceramics from the Collection of Tod Thelen and Eric Dean

    Kirkwood Exhibit part of the Iowa Clay Conference bus tour

    Kirkwood Community College will host an artist reception Sept. 21, 2013, as part of the 2013 Iowa Clay Conference Bus Tour. The reception will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Iowa Hall Gallery.

    The exhibit features contemporary ceramics from the collection of Todd Thelen and Eric Dean. Thelen and Dean collection includes a wide range of forms from artists across the country. They are drawn to pieces that seem to breathe, stretch and reveal the individual hand of their makers, rather than tightly conform to the perfect 360-degree cylinders of commercially produced ceramics. Wood-fired, salt-fired and soda fired processes were used for pieces in the collection. According to art experts, the size, age and breath of their collection makes it extremely rare.

    The Ceramic Center is hosting its second biennial Iowa Clay Conference September 20 – 22, 2013, in its studio at the Cherry Building, 329 10th Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids, 52401. On Saturday evening, attendees can take a bus tour of additional ceramics exhibitions at local galleries and colleges throughout the city and at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

    The Kirkwood exhibit is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Jennifer Cunningham at 398-4956.

  • Earlham College

    Group show of Ceramics - We Met In Iowa: Recent Work from Faculty and Graduates of the University of Iowa Ceramics Department

    January 18 - February 15, 2013
    Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana

    Bunny McBride, Reagan Yoder, Mat Rude, Andrew Casto, Matt Dercole, Heidi Casto, Benjamin Upchurch, Hannah Weinman, Joseph Meinecke, Angela Dieffenbach

  • Pittsburg State University

    Group show of Ceramics - We Met In Iowa: Recent Work from Faculty and Graduates of the University of Iowa Ceramics Department

    November 21 - January 16, 2013
    Pittsburg State University,Pittsburg, Kansas

    Bunny McBride, Reagan Yoder, Mat Rude, Andrew Casto, Matt Dercole, Heidi Casto, Benjamin Upchurch, Hannah Weinman, Joseph Meinecke, Angela Dieffenbach

  • Influences in Clay, The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho

    June 21 – August 18, 2012

    An exhibit revealing the variety of techniques involving clay that artists incorporate into both functional and sculptural pieces as a means of self-expression. With few wood burning kilns left in the state of Idaho, the exhibit also addresses kiln building and aesthetic choices from this ancient firing method and its continued use in the 21st century.

    Sponsored by CH2M-WG Idaho and
    Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

  • 2012 Yunomi Invitational, Akar Gallery

    This exclusively online event is now in its fifth year of delighting potters and clay lovers alike. This year's show has 182 artists, 910 Yunomi, 1,800 photos.

    This show is only viewable online.
    So on Friday, March 23rd at 10:00 am central time all the Yunomi will be viewable at www.akardesign.com

    List of Artists:

    Jake Allee, Dan Anderson, Kurt Anderson, Linda Arbuckle, Bob Archambeau, Christa Assad, Posey Bacopoulos, William Baker, John Balistreri, Andy Balmer, Mary Barringer, Kirsten Bassion, Ben Bates, John Beckelman, Clinton Berry, Nicholas Bivins, Karl Borgenson, Brooks Bouwkamp, Frank Boyden, Jenni Brant, Wayne Branum, Cynthia Bringle, Robert Briscoe, John Britt, Mariko Brown, Renee Brown, Cindy Buehler, Chris Burd, Patricia Burns, Jeff Campana, Kyle Carpenter, Victoria Christen, Linda Christianson, Sam Chung, Bede Clarke, A. Blair Clemo, Bruce Cochrane, Mark Cole, Elaine Coleman, Tom Coleman, Scott Cooper, Dick Cooter, Josh Copus, Mike Corney, David Crane, Guillermo Cuellar, Israel Davis, Charity Davis-Woodard, Josh Deweese, Susan Dewsnap, Paul Donnelly, Judith Duff, Jana Evans, Adam Field, Marty Fielding, Shanna Fliegel, Delores Fortuna, Emily Free-Wilson, Lauren Gallaspy, Nancy Gardner, Bruce Gholson, Andrew Gilliat, John Glick, Scott Goldberg, Ryan Greenheck, Mel Griffin, Martha Grover, Erik Haagensen, Amy Halko, Arthur Halvorsen, Kenyon Hansen, Dara Hartman, Donn Hedman, Samantha Henneke, Richard Hensley, Jason Hess, Mark Hewitt, Sam Hoffman, Bryan Hopkins, Meredith Host, Harlan House, Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish, Matt Hyleck, Shawn Ireland, Dan Ishler, Mike Jabbur, Marlene Jack, Sarah Jaeger, Cathi Jefferson, Ben Jensen, Jonathan Kaplan, Matt Kelleher, Kristen Kieffer, Kelly King, Amy Kline, Michael Kline, Lucien Koonce, Keith Kreeger, Ben Krupka, Steven Lee, Clay Leonard, Forrest Lesch-Middleton, Simon Levin, Brenda Lichman, Suze Lindsay, Ruchika Madan, Kirk Mangus, Alex Mattise, Linda McFarling, Ryan McKerley, Kent McLaughlin, Melissa Mencini, Jenny Mendes, Matthew Metz, Maureen Mills, Courtney Murphy, Douglas Navarra, Karen Newgard, Brooke Noble, Sean O'Connell, Shawn O'Connor, Lindsay Oesterritter, Jeff Oestreich, Hiroshi Ogawa, Wendy Olson, Karen Orsillo, Lisa Pedolsky, Douglas Peltzman, Don Pilcher, Donna Polseno, Adam Posnak, Brenda Quinn, Kari Radasch, Davie Reneau, Matthew Repsher, Scott Roberts, Steven Roberts, Elizabeth Robinson, Steven Rolf, Justin Rothshank, Tim Rowan, Mat Rude, Pete Scherzer, Reid Schoonover, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Sam Scott, Brad Schwieger, Jo Severson, Laurie Shaman, Ellen Shankin, Jeff Shapiro, Mark Shapiro, Joe Singewald, Gary Slavinsky, Lynn Smiser Bowers, Amy Smith, Gay Smith, Mckenzie Smith, Stacy Snyder, Aaron Sober, Shawn Spangler, Stacey Stanhope and Chris Baumann, Jay Strommen, Joy Tanner, Elmer Taylor , Al Tennant, Daniel Ricardo Teran, Shoko Teruyama, Sue Tirrell, Jason Trebs, Sandra Trujillo, Benj Upchurch, Greg Van Dusseldorp, Rimas Visgirda, Kurt Brian Webb, Kurt Weiser, Wynne Wilbur, Betsy Williams, Tara Wilson, Matt Wilt, Shumpei Yamaki, gwendolyn yoppolo.

  • Bear Canyon and Beyond: An Exhibition of MSU Ceramic Alumni

    This summer CLAY will take center stage once again in Montana as the Archie Bray Foundation celebrates its 60th anniversary with a major three-day symposium, “From the Center to the Edge”, scheduled for June 22-25 in Helena. The event will bring many ceramic enthusiasts from around the country to Helena and surrounding Montana cities, including Bozeman to visit ceramic artists, and the School of Art at Montana State University.

    The school has had a long tradition of ceramic art beginning with Frances Senska, and her early students Peter Voulkos and Rudy Autio at Montana State College continuing through today in the program at the University. To highlight the School’s role in the development of contemporary ceramic art the School of Art at Montana State University is planning an exhibition, Bear Canyon and Beyond: An Exhibition of MSU Ceramic Alumni.

    The exhibition will be held in the Helen Copeland Gallery at MSU this summer, from June 1-September 15, with a closing reception on Thursday September 15, 2011.

  • 2011 Yunomi Invitational, Akar Gallery

    This exclusively online event is now in it’s fourth year of delighting potters and clay lovers alike; Yunomi Invitational 2011 is one of our most diverse, colorful, and entertaining shows to date. Invitations were sent out in mid-July of 2010; with many immediate responses the list was becoming more clear with each passing day. Finally the list was complete with 188 ceramic artists, ranging from legends such as, Malcolm Davis and Josh DeWeese to up-and-comers like, Gwendolyn Yoppolo and Benj Upchurch. Cups started to arrive as early as September and the race was on….This year’s show has over 1,950 photos of yunomis alone and as with any AKAR show, accompanying artist biographies, statements, and resumes are included. While this appears daunting in task, it truly has been a labor of love for all of us here at the gallery.

    List of Artists:

    Adler, Ted. Allee, Jake. Allen, Jen. Anderson, Dan. Assad, Christa. Bacopoulos, Posey. Baker, Will. Balistreri, John. Barringer, Mary. Bassion, Kristen. Bates, Ben. Baumann, Chris/Stanhope, Stacey. Beckelman, John. Bivins, Nicholas. Boone, Birdie. Borgeson, Karl. Bouwkamp, Brooks. Branum, Wayne. Briggs, Mary. Bringle, Cynthia. Briscoe, Robert. Brown, Renee. Burd, Chris. Campana, Jeff. Carpenter, Kyle. Cercone, Caroline. Cheek, Steven. Christen, Victoria. Christianson, Linda. Chung, Sam. Clarke, Bede. Cleary, Naomi. Clennell, Tony. Cochrane, Bruce. Colby, Steve. Cole, Mark. Coleman, Elaine. Coleman, Tom. Connelly, Michael. Cooper, Scott. Copus, Josh. Crane, David. Cuellar, Guillermo. Dalglish, Naomi/ Hunt, Michael. Davis, Israel. Davis,Malcolm. Davis-Woodard, Charity. DeWeese, Josh. Dewsnap, Susan. Duff, Judith. Eichelberger, David. Emami, Sanam. Eshelman, Paul. Field, Adam. Fielding, Marty. Filley, Susan. Finnerty, Katherine. Fischer, Mary. Free-Wilson, Emily. Gallaspy, Lauren. Garretson, Daniel. Gholson, Bruce. Glick, John. Granatelli, Silvie. Greenheck, Ryan. Grover, Martha. Gustin, Chris. Haagensen, Erik. Halko, Amy. Hanson, Doug. Hatcher, Gary. Hedman, Donn. Henneke, Samantha. Hensley, Richard. Hess, Jason. Hewitt, Mark. Hindes, Chuck. Hoffman, Sam. Hopkins, Bryan. Hopper, Robin. Horie, Ayumi. Host, Meredith. Hunter, Stanton. Hyleck, Matt. Ireland, Shawn. Ishler, Dan. Jabbur, Mike. Jack, Marlene. Jaeger, Sarah. Jefferson, Cathi. Jensen, Jay. Johnson, Jake. Johnson, Julie. Johnson, Sam. Karner, Peter. Kelleher, Matt. Kendall, Gail. Kieffer, Kristen. Kleckner, John. Kline, Michael. Knott, Mark. Koonce, Lucien. Krupka, Ben. Lambert, Justin. Lantin, Martina. Law, Mary. Lawfer, Jayson. Levin, Simon. Lichman, Brenda.Lindsay, Suze. Long, Matt. Love, Lee. Lurie, Elizabeth. Madan, Ruchika. Mangus, Kirk. Mansfield, Janet. McCauley, George. McFarling, Linda. McGovern, Matt. McKerley, Ryan. McLaughlin, Kent. Meaden, Lorna. Meerfeld, Blair. Meinecke, Joe. Mencini, Melissa. Mendes, Jenny. Metz, Matthew. Meyers, Ron. Mills, Maureen. Moh, Sabastian. Munns, Lynn. Murphy, Courtney. Murphy, Dan. Navarra, Douglas. Newgard, Karen. Noble, Brooke. O'Connell, Sean. O'Connor, Shawn. Oesterritter, Lindsay. Oestreich, Jeff. Ogawa, Hiroshi. Olson, Wendy. Orsillo, Karen. Pavelka, Kristin. Pedolsky, Lisa. Posnak, Adam. Quinn, Brenda. Reneau, Davie. Rhodes, Barry. Roberts, Steven. Roehr-Hatcher, Daphne. Rowan, Tim. Rude, Mat. Scherzer, Peter. Schwartzkopf, Deb. Schwieger, Brad. Scott, Sam. Selvin, Nancy. Shaman, Laurie. Shankin, Ellen. Shapiro, Jeff. Shapiro, Mark. Singewald, Joe. Skelton, John. Smith, Gay. Smith, McKenzie. Snipes, Kevin. Snyder, Stacey. Sober, Aaron. Spangler, Shawn. Stuempfle, David. Tarkington, Beth. Taylor, Elmer. Tennant, Al. Teran, Daniel Ricardo. Teruyama, Shoko. Tirrell, Sue. Turner, Tom. Upchurch, Benj. Van Dusseldorp, Greg. Visgirda, Rimas. Webb, Kurt Brian. Wilbur, Wynne. Wilson, Tara. Wrankle, Russell. Wynkoop, Rosalie. Yamaki, Shumpei. Yoppolo, Gwendolyn.